Got a painful toe corn? An unsightly toe callus? Problems with dry skin on your toes or brittle nails? Are crooked or overlapped toes making all of your shoes a nightmare to wear? No matter what type of foot care problems you're facing, the solution is the same--just slip on ZenToes Toe Tubes to promote healthier, happier toes!

Whether you have a corn between toes or chronic foot pain due to toe friction, ZenToes Toe Tubes are the perfect solution. Our unique designed toe protectors are constructed out of a flexible fabric material that you can cut to the perfect length for any toe.

Unlike a callus toe pad or toe pads for corns and calluses, our toe sleeve slips on over the entire toe. This way, you never have to worry about it moving out of place or coming loose inside of your shoe!

Once in place, ZenToes Toe Tubes serve as a protective barrier to reduce rubbing from footwear and friction between the toes. As an added benefit, each toe sleeve features a vitamin-enriched gel lining that softens the skin, moisturizes the nails and toes and promotes skin healing. With regular use, the gel toe protector can greatly improve the texture, appearance and health of your toe!

When you choose ZenToes Toe Tubes, you'll get more for your money! Our package includes five gel toe sleeves, each of which is about 6 inches long to give you 29" inches of tubing in all. That's more than you'll get when you purchase other sleeve toe protectors, but our price is still unbeatable!

Discover the simple way to protect your toes and deal with the development of toe corn and toe callus growths! Order the best alternatives to toe pads for corns and calluses on Amazon! Buy the ZenToes Toe Tubes pack now! Soft fabric coated toe tubes are lined with a gentle latex free gel that softens, hydrates and promotes healing. Perfect for reducing a corn between toes or relieving toe rubbing. ¾ inch diameter and made of a stretch material. 5 toe tubes, each measuring just less than 6 inches for a total of 29 inches. These toe tubes are designed to cut to the perfect length so that you can protect a toe corn, callus or blister on any toe. This toe sleeve won't slip off like a corn or callus toe pad, making it superior to toe pads for corns, calluses and blisters when all-day comfort matters most Medical-grade gel is latex free and washable making it reusable and allergy friendly

Toe Tubes - Fabric Sleeve Protectors with Gel Lining Pad the Toes to Prevent Corn, Callus & Blister Development Between Toes, Soften and Soothe the Skin - 5 Tube Sleeve Set - 29" of Gel Lined Tubing

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